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Healing Music For The Mind, Body, Emotions & Soul

By Artist Beverly Feuille

Original healing music in various frequencies (396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, .639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz) for healing the mind, body, emotions and soul. Creating new music monthly.

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Rave Reviews

“My children ( 7 & 5) absolutely love Bev’s music. We specifically use her music for bedtime and to relax ( ie reading or simply slowing down) Prior to sweet dreams we used her first 2 pieces. Once she created sweet dreams they don’t want to go to bed without it! They will set up their music all by themselves. My daughter requests that I reset it several times before I go to bed as she says- “Mom it’s just so relaxing I want it to play ALL night!” Thank you Bev for creating these. “


“Your transporting sounds are so lovely and satisfying, beautifully soul calming, and most of all heavenly! Bev, God gifted you with wonderful music! Thank you for sharing it with me. I love it!!!



“I have several Vibration Healing Music CDs and love each one. They are relaxing, joyful and peaceful, so I play them all day long.”


“If you were to know Beverly’s personality you would understand her music. She stewards everything well. Her life is full of caring for people and their wholeness. Her land is a haven for all creation to come and be at peace.
With the vision she has for each song, you can be confident the intention of her heart is for your benefit.
Just let it wash over you…”

Wichita, KS

The Music

The Benefits of Frequency Music

Intentionally listening to frequency music on a regular basis can have an amazing effect on your physical and mental health. You can listen to it at a pleasant volume or just have it on in the background at a low volume. No matter the volume, the frequency is going out into the atmosphere. Some people listen to it while sleeping. It is relaxing and calming. Even children and pets can benefit from listening to the frequencies. Listening to the higher frequencies can enhance your ability to connect spiritually with God.

The Artist

Vibration Music Artist, Beverly Feuille

Beverly Feuille

It is my intention and desire to create music in the tones which I believe God created to calm and heal His people. My music has been created under the guidance of God (Yahweh) and with the intention of bringing peace, joy, and healing to the listener as well as enhancing the listener’s connection with God.

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