How To Listen To Frequency Music

1. There is no ideal place or position for listening to frequency healing music. One may sit or lie down in a quiet and comfortable place or go about doing your everyday activities.
2. Headphones are not required. If there is external noise or distraction, then one can use headphones which allow you to focus more easily.
3. You can also play the frequencies as background music during the daytime or use during sleeping at a level so low you cannot hear it.
4. While listening keep your mind awakened to the power of these healing tones. Focus on receiving the benefit.

vibration music

5. This music can be played on a continuum from loudly to very softly and still benefit the listener.
6. Allow the sound of the healing music to cleanse your mind, body, soul, and spirit.
7. One can start listening to any frequency according to the desired effect. If there is not a particular need, one may begin with frequency 396 Hz and progress upwards to the higher frequencies.
8. Listening to the frequency of 396 Hz helps to open ones heart to receive and provides an environment conducive to cleansing feelings of guilt, and turning grief into joy. This frequency is often used for calming pets.

frequency healing

9. Listening to the frequency 417 Hz helps during periods of transition. It helps facilitate change and clears destructive influences of past trauma. It stimulates creativity.
10. Listening to the frequency of 528 Hz brings healing transformation. It is often referred to as the Miracle frequency and has been proven to repair DNA. It can activate your imagination, intention, and intuition. It also relaxes the body and aids in sleep.
11. Listening to the frequency of 639 Hz helps you in connecting with others and balancing relationships. This frequency aides in bringing harmony to your personal relationships with family and friends. It can increase your intuition.

healing through vibrational music

12. Listening to the frequency of 741 Hz helps in solving problems. It is cleansing, and awakens your mind, soul, and spirit to things you may not be aware of or have blocked.
13. Listening to the frequency of 852 Hz will help raise your awareness and discernment regarding God. It is good to play when ascending to the spiritual realm.
15. Repetitive listening will be more beneficial as the vibrations of the music improve our sense of clarity and increases our energy. It influences the energy field around you, your home and office and aides in purifying the mind and body.

how to listen to frequency music

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