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Relaxing Healing Music In Various Frequencies

Vibration is another word for frequency. Everything in our world has a frequency or vibration because everything is made of atoms that are in motion. In addition to objects and living forms, light and sound have frequencies. Frequency is the speed at which the atomic particles are moving. Each object or living creature has an optimum frequency or vibration where everything is in balance.

When our body’s vibrations are balanced, we are in resonance and every part of our body is moving at it’s optimum frequency. For example, music played at the frequency of 528 Hz creates resonance in our body, bringing our body into balance mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is often referred to as the Miracle Frequency because of its healing effects on the body. Other musical frequencies bring healing and balance to specific areas.

What is hertz? Hertz is the number of times the specific sound wave occurs in one second. So 2 Hz is 2 times a second. The lower the frequency, the lower in pitch will be the sound. The higher the frequency, the higher in pitch will be the sound. It relates to pitch and to speed.

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Sound or Frequency

Sound or vibration has been used for healing since ancient times. Vibration or sound therapy identifies the frequency of health, seeks to duplicate it, and then transfers that frequency to every cell in the body. The vibrations create an optimal frequency in the body so that the body can heal itself on a cellular level by resonating with the healing frequency. These frequencies promote healing and balance in the body and mind.

Common Musical Frequencies

396 Hz – Tends to open a person up to receive, can free one from fear, shame, and guilt, turn grief into joy, also found to be calming to pets
417 Hz – Helps during times of transitions, helps break negative cycles, aids creativity
444 Hz – Heavenly, soothing music
528 Hz – Called the Miracle frequency, repairs DNA, aids in transformation, very
relaxing to the body, improves sleep
639 Hz – Enhances a person’s willingness and ability to forgive, to connect with others, Can increase intuition
741 Hz – May release emotions and can cause cleansing tears, may open a person to new solutions, awakens a person to spiritual things, improves communication
852 Hz – Purely spiritual, connects one with the Creator

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